Rebecca Key is a Liverpool based artist who has exhibited internationally. Using objects to examine the relationship between artist and gallery space, she explores myths surrounding the creative process within the institution and other specific sites. Rebecca has created life-sized and lifelike acorns – little acorns falling out of a machine instead of a tree. She commented; “If they take the little hat off the prop acorn they will see my fingerprint inside. A little bit of work that can be surprising and perhaps even spark thoughts and/or discussions about real, unreal and craft”. In a second body of work for Art Vend Rebecca has created a series of coin-like discs, each holding a circle of red sealing wax printed with these lines: “A juicy red apple is nice, but not every apple is red”. This ambiguous quote is intended to provoke engagement and discussion as the recipient and others consider what it means to them. Describing the work Rebecca stated; “This sounds like a quote from a contemporary philosopher, it sort of is as it’s from a rave song released on Love Records in 1992.”